Angela Hernández shared a photo of the result of her mastectomy

“In 2020 we have all lost something, what we cannot lose is faith and hope,” Hernández said in the publication.

The woman last month underwent surgery to remove breast tissue from your right breast, a procedure that she received as a treatment for her breast cancer.

“I am not sad because I am going to lose my right breast, although I will miss it. I feel happy and blissful because with the power of God and the wisdom of the medical staff today the cancer is definitely leaving my life ”, explained the woman from Santander before going through the operating room.

Hernández said at the time that she felt calm and happy, “not because I will not need my breast, but because on this day cancer, malignancy will leave my body, and that is a reason to be happy” .

The importance of self-examination

Ángela Hernández has become an activist in favor of breast self-examination and has used her platform to call on women to check their breasts regularly.

“Today I am here and there is a treatment, there are chances of life, that I will go well and I will be cured because I did the exam on time,” he explained.

According to Hernández, the statistics in the country show that one in eight women will suffer breast cancer, which is why she was motivated to tell her story, so that women can detect it in time.

“This cancer did not appear overnight and that is why he wants to share his story to help prevent it. It is not normal to have masses in the breasts ”, the woman commented when she announced her illness.

Before her surgery, the former candidate for the Government of Santander emphasized once again the importance of self-examination and assured that “there is a way out of this disease and hope, therefore my recommendation is to practice self-examination, our hands can save lives.”

The illness

With a YouTube video, Hernández told his followers that he suffered from breast cancer in July 2020.

“It is an issue that can happen to any woman. At the age of 29, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. A piece of news that no woman wants to receive and that is undoubtedly not easy ”, she assured.

Hernández explained that since he was 15 years old, he had two lumps in his breasts, but that it was until recently that he was diagnosed with the disease.

“When I was 15 years old, I had a fibroadenoma in my right breast, in my breast. The doctor took it out and sent it to pathology and indeed it came out benign, there was no problem, “he said.

From there he continued with regular visits to the doctor and three years ago another mass was discovered. However, he said, the doctors told him not to worry and to keep checking every two months.

“I went to the doctor every two months, he told me that it was nothing serious, they prescribed only vitamin E. But today I know that vitamin E is useless. I found out three years later, when I spoke to experts. It is very important that your doctor pay attention to them. And if not, change your doctor. Go to someone to biopsy you. Breast cancer cannot be prevented, but it can be diagnosed early, ”Hernández explained at the time.


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