Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta tested positive for Covid-19: “They will be replaced by Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz”

Since the coach Natalia Cociuffo test positive for Covid-19, the participants I worked with in Singing 2020 they were isolated. In this way, Lola latorre, Lucas Spadafora, Angela Leiva Y Brian Lanzelotta They were impersonated by other celebrities in the last week, and this Saturday it was confirmed that three of them tested positive.

In your account Twitter, Angel de Brito announced that the singer will be replaced in their next performances by famous mimes who supplanted them in the tribute to Gilda. “Positive Angela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta. They will be replaced in the next two rhythms by Rodrigo Tapari Y Rocio Quiroz“, wrote the host of the contest in that social network.

In the last week, Tapari and Quiroz impersonated Leiva and Lanzelotta, who were isolated but without knowing if they were really affected by the virus. In their presentation, the duo moved the judges and that’s why Nacha guevara Y Karina The Little Princess they scored a 9, while Moria Casán He gave them a 10. Precisely when he fired them, De Brito considered that “it would be a nice couple for him to stay.”

Ángel later confirmed that Lola also tested positive and, despite Spadafora being negative, the production decided to replace them both with the next two rhythms again by Pablo Ruiz e Ivanna Rossi.


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