Ángela Rodríguez ‘Pam’ considers greeting with two kisses "sexual culture of impunity": "Many of us have been kissed without consent"

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The Secretary of State for Equality, Angela Rodriguez ‘Pam’is once again at the center of controversy for the comments he made in a podcast while analyzing the ‘Rubiales case’. For ‘Pam’, greeting with two kisses is another form of sexual violence against women.

“Many women have been kissed without our consent,” she said on the ‘HECM!’ podcast. “Since you were little, when your strange father’s friend’s brother arrives he tells you: ‘Give him two kisses’ and you say: ‘I don’t want to give him two kisses’ and instead you do,” she explained.

This analysis has arisen spontaneously while analyzing Rubiales’ kiss to Jenni Hermoso. For the Secretary of State, “this is also part of the sexual culture in which we have grown up, which is a culture of impunity and lack of consent.” “That’s why that photo (the one of the ‘peak’) is so interesting because it has made many women realize that this is not what they want to continue doing for the rest of their lives,” she argued.

For ‘Pam’, cases like Rubiales’s occur in “hegemonic spaces and “people are used to seeing it on their televisions.” “That it is not a feminist celebration, one of those crazy feminists who say that the Judiciary needs more training, but rather it is what you always see on television,” she explained.

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