Angelo Vaira – Who is Rosita Celentano’s partner

Angelo Vaira he is certainly not unknown to animal lovers: thanks to his profession as a dog coach, he has helped thousands of families to improve their relationship with four-legged friends.

Angelo Vaira is the companion of Rosita Celentano for some time: the two have in common a passion for animals, nature and meditation. They often show up together on social media, but they rarely talk about their private life.

Angelo Vaira – Rosita Celentano’s partner

Angelo Vaira was born in Bari in 1975 and very early began to nurture a strong passion for dogs and their behavior. However, it gains its popularity in adulthood above all thanks to the videos made for and thanks to the books published with Sperling & Kupfer and Feltrinelli. Then he also lands on TV and radio to curate dog-themed programs. He founds the Relational Cognitive approach to the dog and the operational models that will immediately revolutionize the dog environment. He then founded the school for dog education, ThinkDog, and organizes courses for families and instructors. In 2001 he became aware of his nature as a Bodhisattva and took vows in France, continuing his practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Thus he founds two meditation groups and focuses on Mindfulness. In 2018 begins the Walk for the Animals, with which he faces 270 km on foot, retracing the values ​​of San Francesco d’Assisi. “I fell in love with him even before I met him, reading one of his books“, The girlfriend told Vanity Fair some time ago. For the first time, Rosita felt in love and was surprised to discover that love can knock on someone’s door even at 50. “And to think that before meeting him, I was convinced that I would grow old peacefully single in the company of my gay friends“, He added revealing that the couple is aiming for marriage.

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