Angered by His Family Accepting Eid Al-Adha’s Meat, A Man Kills His Brother

KAIRO, – a man in Egypt claimed to have killed his brother and injured his sister. Because, he was angry because his family received meat Eid al-Adha.

Local Media Al Masri Al Youm reported, to the investigator, the man revealed that he was angry because the meat should be for the poor.

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In the incident in Beheira Province, Friday (7/31/2020), the man had requested that his family not accept the Eid al-Adha meat.

Reported Gulf NewsOn Sunday (2/8/2020), because his warning was ignored, he became angry and threw the meat out of the window.

The man’s actions then led to quarrels in the family, where the unnamed perpetrator fought with his brother.

In the midst of a fight, he took a knife and then stabbed his brother to death, and hurt his sister’s stomach.

Egyptian police said they had arrested the suspect for four days since the incident while the investigation was carried out.

During Eid al-Adha, every able Muslim will sacrifice animals such as sheep, goats, camels, and cows as a tribute to the Prophet Ibrahim.

It is said that Prophet Ibrahim showed obedience to God’s command by sacrificing his son, Ishmael, as an offering.

However, because of that obedience, God instead gave male sheep to be sacrificed in exchange for Ishmael.

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