Anggun poses with her daughter Kirana: she is her perfect look-alike (photos)

Anggun is one of those parents who prefer not to expose their children on social networks. But for once, the singer shared photos with her 14-year-old daughter Kirana. And the resemblance between the mother and the daughter is obvious, so much so that some internet users thought they were seeing double…

“I had to look a few times. I just noticed a difference in the hair, you have jet black hair compared to your daughter”writes a commentator. “She looks so much like you”, “Both very very beautiful”, can we read again. Anggun also writes in the caption: “Me, myself and mini me”that is “Mo, Myself and My Mini Me”.

Kirina was born in 2007, the fruit of the marriage of the singer with the French novelist Cyril Montana. Her name means “ray of light” in Indonesian, a nod to Anggun’s native language.

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