Angie, the female pit bull who’s been through hell

Pit bulls have had a bad press in recent years after some violent incidents where dogs preyed on humans. The tables were turned in Montreal when a man was sentenced to seven months in prison for having inflicted numerous physical abuses on his dog, named Angie.

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The latter ended up with a fractured jaw, a gouged out eye and half of her teeth broken. She also had an untreated skin problem when she was seen by members of the SPCA.

Angie then had to undergo five surgeries, two of which lasted ten hours.

“She is very resilient, this female dog. Finally, today, she is having happy days,” said the director of the Montreal SPCA’s investigation office, Chantal Cayer, in an interview on Denis Lévesque’s show.

The latter adds that, contrary to certain prejudices, Angie is a very sweet dog, who has never had violent behavior with the two foster families who have taken care of her since she was taken from the house. of his violent master.

“She didn’t show any aggression, despite her rather sad history,” says Ms. Cayer.

The director of the investigation office of the Montreal SPCA adds that since the arrival of the pandemic, the number of complaints concerning mistreated animals has exploded. In 2021, investigations at the SPCA increased by 50% compared to the previous year.

The seven-month sentence that Angie’s ex-master received is welcomed by the organization, which indicates, however, that Quebec is lagging far behind the rest of the country.

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On average in Canada, such a crime would have resulted in a sentence of about two years in prison, argues Chantal Cayer.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.


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