Anglian Water took first place as the best company in the UK to work for, according to its staff

Anglian Water was crowned as the best place to work in Britain according to the latest rankings of the Glassdoor recruitment site, which uses anonymous staff feedback.

The utility company was ranked second last year, but managed to convince the search engine giant Google to exclude the first place.

He beat Bain & Company and XPO Logistics, who finished second and third respectively.

Anglian took first place as the best employer of 2019, based on staff reviews

These are the eleven annual prizes awarded to employees of the recruiting website. Name the best jobs, focusing on employers in Britain, France, Germany, the United States (large, small and medium-sized enterprises) and Canada.

Prizes are decided by employees of companies that provide anonymous feedback on the website that review their work, the environment and the employer in the last year.

The dott. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor's chief economist, said: "In today's tight job market, job seekers are in the driving seat when it comes to deciding where to work and wanting to know the internal workings of a company before accept a new job.

"To help people find the best jobs and the best companies, Glassdoor's employee awards reward employers at the top of their game.

"For employers, we know that a satisfied and committed workforce helps drive financial performance.

"The best places to work for Glassdoor's winners are strategically investing in corporate culture, professional growth opportunities, and more, which also represents an important recruitment advantage."

The best ten best jobs in the UK in 2019 are:

1. Anglian water (4.5 assessed)

Above: Anglian Water offers water and water recycling services in Eastern England

It may be an astonishing choice that a utility company has come first in the approval rankings, the only one to make the top ten, but with over 4,500 employees, Anglian has to do something right.

It is a company that produces water and sewerage that operates in East England and Hartlepool, providing water and water recycling services to over six million domestic and commercial customers.

An employee praised the "positive culture" offered by Anglian, stating that the workforce is "proud, passionate and genuinely interested in the work they do".

Another employee said: & # 39;[Anglian is] a company committed to putting customers at the center of everything it does, with a strong focus on employee engagement. "

2. Bain & Company (4.5 rating)

Bain & Company arrives at number two after not being included in the top 50 in all of last year.

The global management consulting firm is headquartered in America, one of the "Big Three" management consultants along with McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group, and currently has 8,000 employees.

Bain London was the first office of the company outside the United States that serves a variety of clients including international, multinational, FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations.

The company advises global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities and collaborates with corporate executives to help them make better decisions.

An employee said of the company: & # 39;[There is a] fantastic culture, intelligent, motivated, inspiring people who sincerely care about one another and their clients. "

Google has been eliminated from first place in 2018 and now drops to number 13 on the list

3. XPO Logistics (4.5 evaluation)

XPO has risen from the number 28 last year to place a place in the top three. One of the world's leading providers of transport and logistics services, XPO was founded in 1989 and now operates in 32 countries around the world.

The company boasts over 98,000 employees at 1,520 locations with 197 of these sites currently based in the UK.

One employee stated on Glassdoor: "Everyone helps each other to achieve success.The working atmosphere is relaxed, but everyone is required to achieve the high standards we provide".

4. Bromford (4.5 rating)

Bromford dropped a spot on last year's premiums, although his rating improved from 4.4 to 4.5.

The company offers affordable housing and specialized housing support services that aim to reduce dependency on well-being and generate social value in employment, education, health and community safety.

The company has operated for 50 years, covering many areas of the United Kingdom but mainly Central and South-West England.

An employee said of the company: "Great colleagues, flexible work, excellent training, innovative and your opinions are important".

Top 5: Salesforce offers software solutions for managing customer relationships

5. Salesforce (evaluation 4.4)

Salesforce currently has 29,000 employees across its many sites and is a non-mover, maintaining its number 5 position.

The American company uses cloud-based software technology to help its customers and sell commercial social networking applications.

Its main product is customer relationship management software that uses data analysis on a customer's history with a company to improve business relationships with customers.

A review of the company's Glassdoor said: "Great for working in a challenging and fast environment.The teams are full of talented people and the company supports your aspirations and professional development."

6. Sky bets and games (evaluation 4.4)

The increase of eleven points from the number 17 of last year, Sky has entered the top ten.

The company, founded in 2001, is a British gaming company founded by Sky, based in Leeds and West Yorkshire and offices in Sheffield, London, Guernsey, Rome and Germany.

It currently has over 1,400 employees and claims it is the best digital company in the UK.

An employee said of the company: "[It is] vibrant, exciting, fast. A place to think big and really reach things that can not be done in other companies. "

7. Hiscox (4.4 rating)

The insurer gained a position from last year's number eight, improving from 4.3 to 4.4.

The company listed on the London Stock Exchange specializes in niche areas of the market, including property and accident insurance, as well as providing coverage against the risks of kidnapping, hacking and damage to satellites.

One employee said: "The workplace is friendly and communications are open, technology is available to allow a fantastic work / home balance, with facilities to work from home".

8. SAP (evaluation 4.4)

SAP has climbed the ranking of 40 positions, to reach point number eight.

The software company makes corporate software to manage business operations and customer relationships. It has regional offices in 180 countries and serves over 335,000 customers.

One employee said: "Culture, innovation, personal development, career opportunities, brand, benefits, salary, SAP really takes care of its employees".

SAP is the only employer who has put it in five lists (Germany, number 1, Canada, number 3, UK, number 8, France, number 23, large US, number 27).

Taylor Wimpey, the British publisher, has risen 6 places on the list

9. Taylor Wimpey (4.4 rating)

Taylor Wimpey gained six positions compared to last year's awards, reaching 9th place. It is one of the largest residential developers in the United Kingdom that builds over 10,000 homes each year.

It is a creation of a fusion between rival companies Taylor Woodrow and George Wimpey in 2007, which now has 24 regional offices in England, Scotland and Wales.

The FTSE 100 company is also on the London Stock Exchange.

One employee said of the company: "Great environment, great culture, support, training opportunities, corporate management and strategic approach to industry".

10. Royal London (4.4 rating)

Royal London, rose nine spaces compared to the number 19 last year.

The largest mutual life insurance, pensions and investment companies in the United Kingdom is owned by its customers.

As of 2017, the group's funds are managed by £ 100 billion and the group companies provide around 9 million policies and employ 3,253 people.

One employee said, "Many people focus and encourage development and opportunities, flexible work is offered, and the work environment is great."

Who has not done the top ten?

Microsoft failed to become the top ten this year, arriving at number 11, moving from its place to number 24 last year.

Other large companies that made the top 50 list include Ikea (number 16), Intercontinental Hotels Group (number 23) and Wagamama (number 41).

The previous one, Google (number 13), J.P Morgan (number 30) and PWC (number 45) are the only three employers who have made the UK list every year (2015-2019).

The assessments provided by Glassdoor are based on a 5-point scale where 1 = very dissatisfied, 3 = OK and 5 = very satisfied.

Over 830,000 employers have been examined on Glassdoor with the average rating of the company standing at 3.4.

The site processes the results by ensuring that the employers considered have received at least 30 assessments for each of the eight job attributes, including the overall assessment of the company, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, and # 39, balance between work and private life.

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