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Aníbal Pachano returned from Chile and had an outburst towards his detractors: “Study a little more, you fools”


At that time, the choreographer was in Chile, participating as a jury in the local version of the Dancing for a Dream, and in that country, such restrictions had not yet been established. However, a few days later the trans-Andean president Sebastián Piñera declared the nation in a catastrophic situation and, finally, on the last Sunday it ruled the curfew between 10pm and 5am. due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That being the case and with the program I was working on suspended until further notice, Pachano decided to undertake his return to Argentina. Finally, on the afternoon of today he arrived at the Ezeiza Airport, along with another group of returnees. And in the cycle that they lead Denise Dumas Y José María Listorti They showed what their reaction was when they arrived in the country.

Luckily we got well. Now we are waiting for people to come down, “Pachano said in a first video, where he is still seen sitting on the LATAM plane next to Luis, his assistant, both with their faces protected by chinstraps. The choreographer explained that, due to the current arrangement, after landing they had to wait for people from the interior to come down first, so that there would be no crowding. But he was very calm.

However, in a second video recorded minutes later, Pachano addressed his detractors and had an outburst. “You cannot believe the number of people stranded in Chile. Why don’t Instagram (users) study a little more and get a little smarter? You fools! You fools! ” Hannibal snapped.

Before boarding the plane that would bring him back to the country, the choreographer had posted on that social network a video of a group of Argentines stranded in Chile, asking for help to be able to return to Argentina after the president announced that repatriation flights were canceled. But the comments of his followers were negative in relation to Pachano’s request for collaboration. And he expressed his anger by answering several of them, especially those who referred to his controversial statements.

It should be noted that, after being repudiated, Anibal made his release crying in the Chilean cycle in which he participated. “On a television show I made an angry statement. Panic and fear came over me. Two things that I had solved in my cancer resilience, that I had deleted and removed from my dictionary. I did a lack of respect for the President of the Argentine Nation, which was misrepresented, manipulated and used, and many colleagues disrespected me from many places, and Many people from the Argentine public wished me death“He started saying.

And then, in the same program, Pachano added: “You can be wrong in life. I never said that it should not be kept at home. On the contrary, I live in a hotel locked in a room. Whoever likes it likes, this disease, which I am sure is caused, was known for a long time and it took a long time to take the solutions

Now, Pachano will have to remain fourteen days in quarantine in a hotel in the City of Buenos Aires, to control that he does not have symptoms of coronavirus. And, only later, if everything is all right, he can return to his home to continue there with social isolation.


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