Anies Has Many Achievements in DKI, Hasto Always Says He’s Don’t Do Anything


Deputy Election Winning Body (Bappilu) DPP Party Democrats Kamhar Lakumani deplored the Secretary General of the PDIP Hasto Kristiyanto who always snorts at Anies Baswedan. It’s not just about the safari, Kamhar thinks that Hasto also always criticizes his achievements Anies Baswedan while leading DKI Jakarta.

“Bung Hasto probably doesn’t want to find out more, look on social media, or the results of photos and videos that publish Mas Anies’ work visit. Actually, if he wants to see it, there will be a lot of people, only if Hasto always expresses his views sarcastically towards Anies, yes, as long as it’s always like that,” Kamhar told reporters at the Indonesia Trust Discussion event at the Whiz Cikini Hotel, Central Jakarta, Monday (20/3/2023).

Kamhar also observed that Hasto was often sarcastic about Anies’ performance and said that Anies had not worked while serving as governor of DKI Jakarta. Kamhar said on the contrary that Anies had a classy performance and many achievements when he led Jakarta.

“Starting from Governor Anies in DKI until now becoming presidential candidate promoted by the Coalition for Change, he always gives sarcastic responses. We read that it is very subjective, tends to have personal tendencies, so his judgment is biased,” he said.

“Many achievements have been made by Mas Anies in DKI. Bung Hasto always responds, he always does nothing. When he did a kunker in Surabaya, the people there welcomed him warmly, received appreciation there but he said it was quiet,” he concluded.

Hassan’s statement

Previously Secretary General of the PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) Hasto Kristiyanto satirized Anies Baswedan’s political safari in Surabaya was quiet. Hasto said that the public already knows who built Surabaya.

“The safari was quiet. Yes, the safari was quiet, because all this time Surabaya knew who was building it,” Hasto said after a PDIP technical coordination meeting (Rakornis) at the Vasa Hotel Surabaya, reported by detikJatim, Sunday (19/3).

Hasto called the idea that Anies brought to the people of Surabaya irrelevant. According to him, the public can judge the ideas themselves.

“People come up with irrelevant ideas, the people of Surabaya can judge them,” he added.

He continued, the people of Surabaya don’t need ideas. However, more to the real work in the field. Hasto then poked fun at Anies’ achievements while leading DKI Jakarta as governor.

“Yes, if the people of Surabaya think, if it’s great, advance Jakarta first, which is better than Surabaya, then come to Surabaya. I think so,” he said.

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