Anies Is Predicted To Be The Presidential Candidate Of The Gondangdia Coalition, Who Will KIB Be The Candidate For?


Indo Barometer Executive Director M Qodari predicts NasDem-Democrat-PKS will establish cooperation in the form of Gondangdia Coalition and carry Anies Baswedan as presidential candidate. How about United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) which has already been formed, who is the presidential candidate?

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) researcher Arya Fernandes said KIB is a dominant party that finds it difficult to provide space for non-political parties.

The United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) which has a dominant party will find it difficult to give space to non-political parties or outside political parties. He considered that Golkar was more dominant in KIB. So that the coalition talks are more influenced by Golkar.

“The KIB coalition block is not balanced, there is a dominant Golkar so coalition talks are heavily influenced by Golkar. The potential for nominating non-party candidates is more limited,” said Arya in a written statement, Saturday (6/25/2022).

Arya then compared it with the Gondangdia coalition which was relatively more balanced. This coalition opens up space for figures outside political parties.

“Coalition structure. Coalition blocks filled by parties whose seats in the DPR are balanced or relatively balanced, are usually open to nominating candidates from outside the party. So that the nomination effect is evenly distributed across all parties – for example those that are being built by NasDem, Democrats, and PKS , said Arya.

In line with Qodari, Arya said the Gondangdia Coalition has the potential to carry Anies. This is because NasDem believes that Anies is easy for the Democrats and PKS to accept.

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“The NasDem Party is confident in bringing up Anies Baswedan as a candidate because I see the Nasdem Party thinking that Anies’ name will be easily accepted by parties such as the Democratic Party and PKS,” said Arya.

According to him, non-party candidates can be a meeting point between medium-sized political parties. Arya said that non-political party candidates are relatively a more acceptable solution in the midst of the deadlock in the negotiations between the parties.

“Non-party cadres can be a meeting point or a middle ground in inter-party negotiations, especially for medium-sized parties with relatively balanced votes. The possibility of carrying non-party cadres is open, as a middle ground if the party votes are balanced, and it is also possible for non-party candidates whose figures can be accepted by the parties.” party,” said Arya.

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