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Animal Crossing New Horizons, Valorant, Hyper Scape … The videos of the week of July 26

Back on all the information that made the week on the JV side, and this in video! On the program: a new summer update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, a new playable character on Valorant, or a new update on Starcraft II to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Blizzard’s game!

Animal Crossing New Horizons unveils content update for August

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A new update that has the gift of balancing the heart

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be in the news again this week with the launch on July 30 of a new summer update packed with content for islanders.. What’s the most talked about novelty? Every Sunday in August, a fireworks display will take place at nightfall on your island. Perfect to really feel in summer, with a festive spirit that will appeal to many players of the Nintendo simulation.

Blizzard celebrates 10 years of Starcraft II with update 5.0

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A content update for the 10 years anniversary of the game

This week will also have marked an anniversary, and not just any: that of the 10 years of existence of Starcraft II. The famous Blizzard RTS has for the occasion benefited from a new update 5.0 which should make many fans want to dive back into it, in the space of a few hours. Among the new features, we note a big improvement in the editor, personalized campaigns and gameplay improvements! The perfect opportunity to meet Jimmy Raynor!

Hyper Scape will be available on PC and consoles on August 11 for its first season

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The next fashionable Battle Royale?

A little late in the battle on the side of Ubisoft? The new Triple A Battle Royale Hyper Scape leaves its beta phase and is finally released on PC and consoles on August 11. By consoles we mean the PS4 and Xbox One. Thus, for the first time, this new Battle Royale will be playable for everyone from August 11, and Ubisoft was able to unveil a new launch trailer for this occasion.

Valorant welcomes Killjoy, the new playable character

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A new character to sow discord in Valorant

Valorant is preparing to welcome its new agent, in the person of Killjoy. To tease a little about the special abilities of this new character, Riot was able to unveil a new trailer revealing all she can do. The Berlin engineer will therefore be the twelfth playable character in Riot’s tactical FPS, and could well become an asset of choice, especially in defense, thanks to her droids which seem to offer many possibilities in the middle of the game.. The new character will be available simultaneously with Act II of Valorant.

Cuphead s’invite sur PS4 !

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An announcement that surprised more than one

We didn’t expect it at all, but Cuphead, which was originally an Xbox exclusive, has been available on PS4 as of this week too! This is not a huge surprise considering the fact that over a year ago now this Xbox exclusive for Cuphead was compromised as soon as the game arrived on Nintendo Switch, but it needs to be. well admit that no one saw it coming ! Thus, Cuphead is now available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and Mac.


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