Animation gives things symbolic validity, says director Michaela Pavlátová. And life in Afghanistan

The film was co-produced with France and Slovakia, and if it weren’t for a few Czech sentences and a short shot on the rooftops of Prague, you would say that it is simply a well-made film of foreign provenance. Before the screening, the audience was introduced to the production staff, which was also lit by the presence of Petrina’s three children in traditional clothes. It was also impossible not to notice the appearance of Peter’s man Paikar with the visage of the main character Nazir. However, it is not a pure autobiography, Petra Procházková composed her story from fragments of fates by more people she met during her stay in Afghanistan.

My Sun Mad was a great success, winning the Grand Jury Prize at the most prestigious animated film festival in Annecy, France. It is to premiere in Czech cinemas on October 21. Deník N speaks with the author of the original Petra Procházková and director and artist Michaela Pavlátová.

Petro, how do you feel about how new your film is now?

Petra Procházková (PP): We are not happy about that, that is clear. On the other hand, at least I say to myself that if that is the case, the film will be such an insight into the Afghan mentality. When you see photos of Afghans hanging from evacuation planes in the news, you wonder what kind of savages it is. On the contrary, with some film characters, I think a European can be identified. They realize that there are people like us. This is our small contribution to how we can look at Afghanistan as well.

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Before the screening, you said that thanks to the film, we can better understand what is going on there. How can understanding help us? Do we know the Afghan mentality better?

PP: Yes. The film is a reflection of the time when I wrote my book, ie immediately after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. It goes back a bit to that time. Many people in the discussions ask me how it is possible to be Afghans

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