Aniston: Netflix's "friends" are a testimony to the value of the show


LOS ANGELES – Jennifer Aniston defines "surprising" that "Friends" still has a large enough audience to solicit multimillion-dollar business to prevent it from disappearing on Netflix.

"I find it incredible that I have continued to have such love and such an audience and such an appetite for it," Aniston told The Associated Press on Thursday at the premiere of his Netflix movie "Dumplin".

After a protest from the fans, Netflix announced at the beginning of the week that it was keeping the adventures of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey available to subscribers until 2019 – with a price of $ 100 million related to the service of streaming.

"I think he says a lot about the show, especially because it takes place at a time when it's so different from now … You know, people actually talked and went out with each other and talked" Aniston said.

WarnerMedia is the owner of the show, aired by NBC for ten years and finished in 2004. She has won six Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy Actress Emmy for Aniston.

Netflix paid more than three times the $ 30 million the year he had paid "Friends", the New York Times reported earlier this week, citing two unidentified people with direct knowledge of agreement

"Friends" may soon appear more places online. The Times said that nothing in the Netflix agreement prevented the show from appearing on a streaming service that AT & T plans to launch in 2020.

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