Anker launches headphones that combine simplicity and versatility

Soundcore, Anker’s audio subsidiary, wants to establish itself in the market wireless headphones thanks to the new Liberty 3 Pro. To do this, it has endowed them with an overabundance of features, including the ANC.

Liberty 3 pro, more features for optimized comfort

This model has significant new features. It is inconceivablestably one of the models more versatile from the moment. The Liberty 3 Pro thus support 3D virtualization, multipoint Bluetooth and this is not an exhaustive list.

The real novelty is the addition of the active noise reduction. These headphones also integrate HearID ANC mode. This mode adapts the level of noise reduction according to the strength of the ambient noise.

the comfort is also the subject of special care. The Liberty 3 Pro are 30% smaller than their predecessors and lighter. They adopt a structure limiting the cap effect criticized on in-ear headphones. This structure allowed air to circulate between the inside and outside of the ears.

Four silicone tips of different sizes and three stabilizers are supplied with the headphones for added comfort.

These Soundcore headphones have a good autonomy from 8am without noise reduction and 6 hours with this function activated. They incorporate acoustics combining a balanced armature speaker. The reproduction of high-pitched sounds and the performance of the dynamic loudspeaker responsible for reproducing the bass are just perfect.

The addition of two additional microphones greatly improves the quality of the hands-free kit system of its headphones. A 3D virtualization algorithm called “3D Surround Sound” makes it possible to extend the sound for a flagrant improvement in fun video immersion.

The Liberty 3 Pro work under the LDAC codec support allowing them to get the certification Hi-Res © Soundcore. And for more attractiveness, these headphones from Soundcore are offered at just 160 euros.

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