Anmico Teatro delves into the idea of ​​abandonment and antiwarism




Abandoned angels in mosaics after combat is the title of the play that will stage the Anmico Theater company, from 20.00 hours, in the municipal auditorium of Vigo (Praza do Rei).

The play has a duration of 75 minutes, is developed in Galician language and the price of admission is eight euros.

The Anmico Teatro proposal has been created and directed by Julio Fernndez Pelez, and will be staged by the actors Xos Manuel Esperante Dvila and Julio Fernndez Pelez.

With a clearly anti-war and defense of beauty background, the stage performance revolves around the need for beings to take care of this battered world.

It is a project that has its origin in a collection of poems with the same title and designed for several voices. Faced with the decadence of enlightened moral architecture that avoids appearing, out of cowardice, the physical disasters of wars and any other consequence of global injustice, the gaze of poets imagines scenarios of destruction as a consolation for unease and as a coherent exercise of conscience. In them, moreover, he is able to find a hidden beauty.

The piece recreates the figures of an angel, a clown and a soldier. The first one from an allegorical perspective of goodness, the second as a rhetorical and grotesque game of the theater itself, and the third as a victim of violence exerted even though there is no real will.

Abandoned angels in mosaics after combat It has a format close to the circus in its fragmentary structure and in the visibility of the absolute present. The blue earth that has the space, only giants that unfold, or the sculptural and audiovisual material that runs through the time of the performance, give shape to a piece that seeks in rhythm and music its best ally.explains the company. From an aesthetic point of view, he delves into the idea of ​​abandonment, already experienced in the performance Paisajes de extincin (2017), but in this case focusing on the realization of a scene linked to art from the poetic word and plasticity.

The play was premiered last Friday within the Vigocultura program, organized by the City Council of Vigo, and is part of the program of the Rede Galega de Teatro e Auditorios.

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