“Ann” exposes softly

“Ann Thongprasom” reveals drinking with “Aff Taksorn”, saying that the line is strong, the bottle is still indifferent. Ready to reveal the moment in the frame “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, Somsak with many people who love

It made me quite excited with the picture of “Ann Thongprasom” drinking with “AFL” Taksorn Paksukcharoen.

“In fact, we came to know each other more and became closer when we were in the grudge department. We are in adulthood and there will be more trade-offs than we think. It’s like, oh! Talk to each other and know each other. We agree. They open, we open. After sitting with him, we gave him a birthday party. He works for us too. So let’s talk back and forth. And then it’s a party. Therefore, I would like to order a glass of champagne for each person just to enjoy it. I didn’t mean to be ugly.”

“But it appears that he makes a ouch face, we ouch whether we invite him to eat badly or not. Then he asked if P’Ann had ordered just one glass or not. Oh, we didn’t have one glass, right? He didn’t say, but I could only get 3 glasses more than that. He could tell. A bottle is fine (laughs). Knowing about it, he is Lamyong in the second part. Contact AFL Thaksorn. You can play. It’s a surprise, I guarantee.”

Although “AFL Taksaorn” drinks heavily, but does not get drunk, even if he is completely empty of the bottle
“Even with the drink, the image of him grabbing a glass of champagne is super clear. But he doesn’t have drunkenness, he’s very indifferent, but here he is, he’s very indifferent, he’s very calm, so Ann teases him on IG. scolded that another brother (Did the bottle run out that day?) He was alone. Had to give him a nickname A lot of people teased him, he was embarrassed, twisted and twisted, he realized that he was being hilarious about this, very cute AFL is a very cute person.

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Talk about pictures taken with Korean superstars. “Han So Hee”who played the role of a mistress in the series “The World of the Married” who traveled to Thailand to make “Ann Thongprasom”Who is playing the role of Mia in the Thai version of The Betrayal, the remake of The World of the Married, herself was so excited that she could hardly keep her symptoms down. Sohee said….

“Just as my interpreter suggested that This is the mistress of Thai people. He had a shocked expression. and then retreated 2 steps, still didn’t say anything, then was dragged out Is there a queue to take pictures? Anne said he probably thought it was you or not? Well, Ann can’t think of it. Just glad to meet you It’s like a Korean girl. The way he gag is cute, or maybe he’s scared. It was like a surprise.”

“I didn’t have time to ask anything. That day the work took quite some time. we will be back I didn’t have much time to talk. If we talk, he will ask if he is tired (laughs) because he is very tired.

Show off the real “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, worthy of the dignity that many people love.
“He’s very beautiful and it’s dignified that he has so many lovers, really beautiful, graceful, cute, not arrogant, he’s a smart person. Then one day we met a smart person. And being in a project that we do close to each other, it feels good, it is one of the impressions that he has come to life.

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It’s a rare picture of superstars from 2 countries standing side by side.
“Yes, it is the story that this series has been talking about. But didn’t talk much. It’s an image that doesn’t happen easily. that actors of his level will come against our Thai actors And in the event, everyone takes good care of each other. Everyone lived with all their dignity. It was beautiful. Someone took the picture. going back But fortunately, someone twitched to the queue to take a couple photo. I haven’t even grabbed my own camera yet. I got a picture from someone else’s camera.”

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