“Anna Corona told me that the little girl was dead”

On the case Denise Pipitone, the program “Quarto Grado”, broadcast on Rete 4, reported the testimony of a woman, an animal lover, who in the past accidentally adopted a kitten of Anna Corona. As told by the same witness, “Anna and her daughter Alice asked me if they could come back to see the kitten from time to time. The next day I invited her for an aperitif “. At one point, Mrs. Corona turned to her, stating: “Do you know who I am? Do you read the newspapers, do you see it on TV? My name is Anna Corona, have you ever heard this name? “.

At this point, according to the witness, his hostess said terrible and very vulgar things about Piera Maggio, almost unrepeatable. Then, with her elbows on the table and reaching up to her belly, she asserted that the little girl was dead, “The little girl died”: “I remember that while he was saying it, he ran his thumb lengthwise through his neck, as if to mimic the gesture of someone who had had his throat cut”.


The woman confirmed this version of her to the investigators, adding that she also reported to Anna Corona that on the internet it was rumored that Denise Pipitone had been thrown overboard. She would have replied: “Who has the money to take a boat? They will have thrown it elsewhere, in some warehouse“. Then, however, the witness retracted: at that point, the investigative machine started, looking for evidence on her mobile phone and on cadastral data, but her statement was deemed unfounded.

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That same witness, contacted by “Quarto Grado”, underlined: “I saw what Anna corona told me that day, without even having a minimum of modesty. She came to my house, in front of my partner, told me that Denise was dead and he clapped his hand on his chest three, four times, exclaiming in Italian: ‘I would like Piera Maggio’s heart to burn.’ I was stuck in shit. I even remember how she was dressed “.


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