Anna Wendzikowska is resting in the Maldives. “Such a body is a sin”

Anna Wendzikowska started the new year with exotic, luxurious holidays. The actress rests in the sunny Maldives. He willingly publishes photos of paradise landscapes, azure waters and wild beaches.

The journalist turned 40 last year. Despite this, it can boast of an ideal, athletic figure. Anna Wendzikowska leads an active lifestyle. In his spare time, he walks and practices yoga. She is also a fan of sports pole dancing. It is, among other things, regular pole dance training that owes its impeccable figure.

The effects of systematic training are visible to the naked eye. Anna Wendzikowska can boast of an impeccable figure. The journalist is happy to publish photos in bathing suits. Yesterday, she decided to share her vacation shots in the Maldives.

Wendzikowska posed against the background of the Indian Ocean in a bold, beige bikini and a scarf of the same color. The journalist’s muscular belly deserves special attention. “Not leaving this place” – she wrote under the post.

There are many compliments in the comments below the photo. Internet users are delighted with the shapely silhouette of the star and its beach styling. “Pirate’s Girl” – wrote one of the observers under the post. Many people also wish the journalist a good rest among beautiful natural surroundings.


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