“Anne Will” for the European elections with Sigmar Gabriel and Armin Laschet: Why, why, why?


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The error analyzes of the evening: The opening question addressed Anne Will to SPIEGEL editor Melanie Amann: what the SPD and CDU because the European elections would have received the receipt? For an election campaign that did not reflect the developments of recent weeks from the EU copyright reform to the climate protests of the “Fridays for Future” movement, the journalist analyzed with reference to the losses of the old people's parties especially among young voters. The closing rally of the EPP in Munich, for example, “could have taken place three months ago – as if there had been no Rezo and no rage from the climate students”. Like in a “parallel universe” the program was “dull pulled through”.

“I think the last week was not very successful in reacting to the creator,” admitted NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. Later, the deputy CDU chairman confessed: “Yes, we did not answer the climate issue in the end.”

Ex-SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, however, led the historically poor performance of his party not primarily due to lack of climate competence. Rather, the SPD had not found its own topic, but only “an extension of domestic issues to Europe.”

This view was joined by “Cicero” editor-in-chief Christoph Schwennicke: It was “short of breath” and “adhocistic” to reduce everything now to climate protection. One has to look at “longer-term trends”; In this sense, “the GroKo was voted out” for the third time after the general election and the Hesse election.

The alpaca cashmere comparison of the evening: To the success of the Greens Anne Will brought an article Schwennickes in the “World on Sunday” in the conversation. In it, he accuses the environmental protection party dishonesty, because they do not name the impositions and waivers that brings climate protection with it: “used to green scratched like an alpaca sweater, today green is fluffy like cashmere.” The Greens followers made the ballot quasi emission certificate, but lead after the vote with the SUV.

Annalena Baerbock was short on speech. But then wanted the Green Party leader, who had previously “a certain humility” told against the voters, describe the success formula of their party but a bit different: You just did not look so much at others, incidentally, climate protection is no longer just a one Eco-topic, but also concerns industrial policy and security policy – “we think in the broad”.

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The profile debate of the evening: One can learn from the Greens that it is important to develop their own clear profile, found Sigmar Gabriel. But his party should concentrate on the question: “How does prosperity come tomorrow?” Moreover, one would have had to engage in a dispute with the Union, “why we give no answer to Macron at all as a federal government”. And the danger of war in the Middle East by the US president should have been discussed.

Laschet also once again quarreled with the dominance of the climate issue, which is also about “common foreign policy”, the preservation of the internal market and open borders. “We are currently experiencing live why your election campaign did not work,” Melanie Amann interjected. Laschet but insisted on, you must also address issues, “perhaps not exactly hip in clicks.”

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The quote-defusing the evening: Of course, Anne Will had to confront the ex-SPD leader with the statement he had made in the “Tagesspiegel”: “In Berlin must now accept those responsibilities that have brought about today's personal and political condition in the SPD deliberately” had Gabriel demanded there. But now he denied that he meant personal consequences. He just misses – as well as CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer – a clear admission à la “That went really bad”. To the rumored coup rumors against party and faction leader Andrea Nahles said Gabriel succinctly: “A coup that is in the newspaper, usually does not take place.”

The self-praise of the evening: His own time as party leader saw Gabriel (who confirmed that he no longer wants to run for the Bundestag) meanwhile in a mild light: “It's not that I am completely shocked by my performance as SPD chairman,” he coqueted and dismissed nine won state elections. Even in his time you never landed near 15 percent. “It's as if Lothar Matthäus would comment on the German national football team,” countered SPIEGEL editor Melanie Amann, pointing out that even on social issues a “sustainable brand damage” to be diagnosed in the SPD.

The right-wing populist discussion of the evening: The numerous successes of right-wing populist parties in the European elections occupied the round towards the end. The election was “a prelude to the fight for Europe,” said Gabriel. The EU is now being “pinched” by two sides: the right-wing country governments and the right wing in parliament. In a “divergence of pro-Europeans” now exist the greatest danger. Annalena Baerbock, on the other hand, pleaded for “leaving the church in the village” and “not just working off the right-wing populists”. That would be “water on their mills and absolutely fatal”.


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