Anniversary of the death of the Consul, the artist Khaled Saleh.. the immortal star of “Al-Afhat”

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the late artist Khaled Saleh, who presented a rich balance of artwork and was distinguished by his clear stances, other than his distinguished roles, and his timeless expressions.

The Consul, “Hatem”, “Sheikh Misbah” and other dramatic characters embodied by the late artist Khaled Saleh, on the screen of cinema and television, and we lived with her her dramatic events with her sweetness and bitterness, and we believed her as if she was someone we know in reality, and this was considered a secret of creativity Valid.

And the late Khaled Saleh, before his death, revealed through a television interview to him before his departure, that he had suffered from heart problems since childhood and underwent an operation in his heart when he was 35 years old.


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