Announced a major maintenance update for FritzBox cable models


The Berlin router manufacturer AVM today announced new updates for its current cable router. The FritzBox 6590, 6490 and 6430 models (each with the "Cable" addition) should receive the update to FritzOS 7.02 soon.

The owners of a Fritz box 6590, 6490 or 6430 cable, which were acquired in the exchange and not through a provider, can refer to the new update to version 7.02 for their route according to AVM. On the AVM website so far, however, it finds nothing to find new updates, only for previous updates there are entries. Only on Twitter is an announcement with some information.

It is stated that the upgrade increases the stability of FritzOS, optimizes the Internet speed of Fast Ethernet devices and also corrects some minor bugs. The details are not mentioned and have not yet been released as release notes. There are new features, but as far as it is not known.

online update function

The new version of FritzOS 7.02 should soon be transmitted via the online update function on FritzBox. For this you will find the corresponding note in the user interface under Who does not currently see the update is not alone: ​​the announcement for the update was probably a bit premature, even before the start of the update packages.

Routers obtained from the cable service provider are updated only through the provider.

More information on this soon!

Avm, Fritzbox, FritzBox 7590, Fritzbox 6590 Cable
Avm, Fritzbox, FritzBox 7590, Fritzbox 6590 Cable



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