Announces who has kept the cheapest fuel prices in October: the most expensive gas stations have also established themselves

“Compared to the corresponding period last year, petrol has risen in price by an average of 45%,” said Arūnas Vizickas, the founder of the price monitoring portal, to BNS.

A study conducted by on October 14 showed that the price of a liter of A95 petrol in Jozita amounted to 1.34 euros and was the lowest in Lithuania. It was followed by Orlen (€ 1.36), Skulas (€ 1.37), Stateta (€ 1.38), Ecoil (€ 1.38), Neste (€ 1.39 euro).

The most expensive petrol is sold in Viada and Circle K – 1.44 euros each. This is its highest price since the beginning of 2017, when the portal began monitoring fuel prices.

Jozita also sold the cheapest diesel in October – 1.25 euros, Viada and Circle K (1.34 euros each). The second cheapest diesel seller is Orlen (€ 1.27), followed by Skulas and Ecoil (€ 1.28 each), Neste (€ 1.30) and Stateta (€ 1.31). euro).

A liter of car gas at Jozita cost 0.7 euros and was also the cheapest, and the most expensive gas at Viada (0.77 euros).

According to A. Vizickas, the growth of fuel prices should be felt especially by private consumers, not companies.

“Companies receive fuel in a completely different pricing: the raw material price plus the agreed percentage, while the population – already with gas station margins,” A. Vizickas explained.

According to him, another trend – as fuel prices rise, the gap between the cheapest and most expensive fuel sellers is narrowing.

“If a year ago the difference was up to 16 percent, now it is less than 10 percent,” said A. Vizickas.

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