Another 144 migrants from Belarus who crossed the border illegally were detained every day

That number is more than 40 times higher than it was throughout 2020. Last year, 81 such foreigners were detained across the Lithuanian border. 2019 46 illegal migrants were caught by border guards in 2018; – 104, 2017 – 72.

This year, 2,882 illegal migrants were detained in July, 473 in June, 77 in May, 70 in April and 8 in March.

Among the people detained on the border with Belarus this year are mostly Iraqi citizens or foreigners who introduced themselves – 2299. There were also 191 Congolese, 129 Cameroonian, 100 Syrian, 90 Russian, 88 Iranian, 79 Guinean and 79 Afghan and other citizens.

Currently, such foreigners are accommodated in the SBGS units – in the Aliens Registration Center in Pabradė, in the dormitories of the Border Guard School in Medininkai (Vilnius district), in the border dams operating on the border with Belarus and in the territory of Švendubrė river border checkpoint in Druskininkai municipality.

In addition to the Rūdninkai camp, migrants are also accommodated in facilities provided by municipalities in Alytus city and district, Ignalina, Lazdijai, Varėna and Šalčininkai districts.

A large part of the detainees seek to enter Western European countries through Lithuania.

With a significant increase in the number of such cases, the SBGS has strengthened border security with Belarus. In addition to various organizational measures, officials from other SBGS units were seconded to this section and additional technical resources were allocated. In addition, border guards were assisted by forces from other Lithuanian institutions, including the army, as well as officials from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency FRONTEX and Estonia.

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