Another 16 people illegally tried to cross the Latvia-Belarus border

On August 10, 2021, the government decided to declare a state of emergency in Ludza and Krāslava counties, as well as in Daugavpils. It has been extended several times, and the last extension was set until August 10. Previously, it has been debated several times that instead of an emergency situation, some other form of regulation could be established at the border, but no changes have followed.

This year, 2,162 people were prevented from illegally crossing the border between Latvia and Belarus, while 175 people were admitted to Latvia for humanitarian reasons.

Last year, a total of 5,286 people were prevented from illegally crossing the Latvia-Belarus border, while 217 people were not prevented from crossing the border due to humanitarian reasons.

As summer approaches, the risks of illegal immigration on the border with Belarus are likely to increase, Head of the State Border Guard Guntis Pujāts admitted to LETA agency last week.

The Ministry of the Interior has indicated that the war against Ukraine started by Russia and openly supported by Belarus can be considered as an additional risk circumstance and a possible motivation for Belarus to continue its efforts to destabilize the situation on the country’s border with Latvia, that is, to put pressure on the EU and NATO.

The competent institutions of Lithuania and Poland continue to receive information about illegal crossing of the state border from the territory of Belarus.

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