Another development in the bust of Andrea Szulák and exe

As we wrote, Andrea Szulák a few days ago he was outraged that he would meet his ex, Gábor, after his breakup Anikó Marsi, a newscast from TV2. THE Andrea also responded to the news:

“On the margins of today’s news… where there are still affluent abandoned trenches, he can be feared that he will hit his head” He wrote on his community page and added a #golddigger hashtag to his post. However, Gábor did not leave a comment without a word either, he marked Golddigger as his workplace on his Facebook page, and he also posted an entry: “How much more elegant it would have been if he had just written to be happy… I always wish him to be happy. ”

But there seems to be no further escalation of the virtual word duel, as the “golddigger” job intended for a joke disappeared on Monday, as Sula had canceled his bitter post, instead quoting George Orwell: “The farther a man drifts from the truth, the more he will hate those who speak it.”

The Kissing King – the backdrop of the concert performance on the Margaret Island Outdoor Stage, Andrea Szulák looked fabulous (Photo: Smagpictures / Olajos Piroska)




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