Another mass accident was caused by a dust storm

In Subotica, 14 vehicles ran into each other due to a dust storm there.

The video is circulating on social media, showing cars, a van and a bus running into each other in a dense dust storm. In the comments, it can be read that 14 vehicles were broken, but we cannot write an official number yet.

Several people write that the area around Subotica (Serbia) was never characterized by dust storms, rather that the fields were too wet during such periods.

A Half story writes that 11 people were injured in the accident, but none seriously. You can watch more videos here.

As we reported in several articles, there was a mass accident on the M1 highway in Hungary on March 12. One person died and 39 were injured when dozens of cars, a total of 42 vehicles, crashed into each other due to a dust storm.

We also reported on a dust storm today, in the afternoon on the M3 highway at kilometer 64, between the Horti and Ecséd rest stops, the blowing of dust due to stormy wind gusts significantly reduced visibility – reported Útinform.

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