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Runny noses, little coughs… Little viruses are on the way this fall, even though we didn’t invite them!

Since last week, I have had to juggle telecommuting and children at home in addition to my extreme fatigue due to the situation and my own cold. Yes, the children gave me this lovely virus.

Rest assured, all our covid tests are negative. However, this does not change the situation: we are still contagious and in bad shape!

At night, my children cough and want hugs, but I too am sick and would like to sleep alone with my box of tissues. I’m a mom and I do my best, so I cuddle them as long as possible before I put them to bed and try to get as much rest as possible.

In the morning, my children refuse all medication. I want the best for them, so I have to compel them to take it even if it’s hard.

During the day, I should work and my children should rest, but… they have energy despite the illness. I do my best and juggle as best I can between family life and telecommuting.

Then the loop continues. Then, the virus heals, we go back to daycare.

Oh no, wait, the little noses are starting to run again and the little coughing starts again.

The cycle continues.

The fall cycle has officially begun and I don’t know if I will be able to make it through the winter.

Courage to all the parents and children who will survive all the little viruses in the coming months.

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