Health ANSES alerts on poisoning linked to disinfection

ANSES alerts on poisoning linked to disinfection

While France is going through a serious health crisis, accidents linked to disinfection are more and more frequent. Since early March, “poison control centers report numerous domestic accidents and poisoning” in connection with the Covid-19 underlines ANSES.

The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety identifies four origins of “risk situations” which are: disinfectants or cleaners, hydroalcoholic solutions, essential oils and anti-inflammatories. From March 1 to 24, 2020, poison control centers received 245 calls attesting to a case of exposure to one of these four types of product in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

Regarding cleaners and disinfectants, ANSES recalls the dangerousness of toxic vapors. Do not mix multiple products, including bleach and a descaler, which together produce chlorine vapors. Also, do not bleach your food or use surface disinfectants for your personal hygiene.

Beware of taking medication

Attention also to children: the products must be stored out of their reach, recalls the agency, which also points out the danger that can represent the transfer of products in neutral containers, this can be misleading. In the case of hydroalcoholic gels, the main risk concerns the accidental exposure of children to these solutions and to products that are part of the composition of the variants to make yourself like 70 ° alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

As for essential oils which can be harmful in the event of misuse, they “do not constitute a means of combating the coronavirus”, underlines ANSES. If there is any doubt about their use, it is best to contact a pharmacist.

Finally, the health agency recalls “good behavior” towards anti-inflammatory drugs. In case of chronic illness, “do not stop prescribed anti-inflammatory treatment” and “take advice from your doctor”. Since anti-inflammatory drugs can worsen an existing infection, ANSES advises, like the Ministry of Health beforehand, “not to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and favor taking paracetamol in case of fever “.

If health authorities fear that people will shun health services for fear of the coronavirus, ANSES stresses that “in case of intoxication, do not refuse or postpone a necessary consultation in the emergency room or in a medical office “, and reminds us that we must” follow the indications of the Poison Control Center precisely “.

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