News Anses: when will the $ 10 thousand of IFE...

Anses: when will the $ 10 thousand of IFE be collected by those who do it by Mail or Banco Nación

Anses published the collection date of Emergency Family Income for those who have chosen during registration receive the $ 10,000 at headquarters Argentine Mail and through ATMs of the Link network of the National Bank.

The payment schedule for those who signed up with a bank account has already started and will run until May 5. Anses also opened a window so that those who have not yet informed which payment method they prefer can do so on their website this week.

Almost 1.2 million people chose that form of payment. Of the almost 5 million people that the IFE will charge, practically half chose to receive the $ 10,000 at a headquarters of the Mail or through a ATM without debit card.

In the last hours, the social security agency announced what the collection dates will be for these last two cases. Will start on June 4 next and it will run until July 1st.

The delay in payments, as explained to from Anses, respond to “operational issues” both the Post Office and Banco Nación, since “they have a payment limit what they can do per day. ”

Half a million people, meanwhile, will be charged through the Banco Provincia electronic wallet, while some 740,000 will do so through ATMs of the Banelco network, in which are the main private banks.



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