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Answer to your questions about the relaxation of corona measures NOW

Hundreds of questions were received via NUjij on Wednesday about the relaxation of the corona measures. An overview of frequently asked questions and the answers.

Until when do we have to stay at home to work?

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at the press conference that working from home will remain the norm in the coming months, but did not mention a date when this measure will be withdrawn.

When will the care homes reopen for visitors?

A trial will start on Monday to ease the visiting arrangements for 25 nursing homes, one in each region. Which locations these will be announced next week. One permanent visitor per resident is allowed under strict conditions in these nursing homes. With the knowledge and experience that has been acquired, the Cabinet wants to gradually and carefully apply this visiting arrangement to more and more nursing home locations.

May grandchildren have their grandparents weather see?

That will differ per family. The special advice for people aged seventy and / or with frail health is still valid. “Be extra careful,” advises the national government. “It may be wiser to stay at home as much as possible for the time being.” In addition, calls are made not to receive visitors.

There is only an exception for elderly people living independently who are dependent on help from others and who have a very limited network. They can receive one or two regular visitors. The elderly are free to determine who these visitors are. Those people must be healthy, keep 1.5 meters away and wash their hands well.

Are the colleges and universities also open?

No. It is not yet known when colleges and universities will offer physical lessons again. MBO is expected to be able to take exams and give practical lessons as of 15 June. The possibilities for HBO and WO are still being examined.

Are you also allowed to travel by public transport for non-work purposes?

Public transport remains only for necessary trips. Public transport will, however, run the full timetable from 1 June. That is not intended for people who want a day out, for example, but for people who have no other choice. The trains, buses, trams and metros may be up to 40 percent full, so that everyone (despite the facemask obligation from 1 June) still keeps some distance from each other. It is not yet clear when everyone can use public transport again.

Why should we wear face masks on public transport?

“The scientific evidence for large-scale use of mouth masks is thin, but the correct use shows a limited positive effect,” said Rutte. “Mouth masks are not primarily to protect yourself, but so that you do not infect others.”

According to the prime minister, mouth masks have an added value if it is not possible to keep a distance or it is not possible to check in advance whether everyone is healthy. This is the case in public transport, which will be more widely used due to the relaxation of measures.

What happens if you do not wear a mask in public transport?

Anyone who does not wear a face mask will be fined. The amount of this fine will be announced later.

How do I get a mask?

The national government will shortly publish a design of a mask that can be made at home on If you can’t make it yourself and don’t know anyone who can make it for you, it might be an option to look at their offerings online or with local entrepreneurs. In recent weeks, more and more shops have started selling mouth masks, including fabric. It would not be surprising if entrepreneurs respond to the greater demand for mouth masks in the near future.

It is important that you do not buy a so-called medical mouth mask. These are face masks with special filters. They are sorely needed in healthcare (for example, for healthcare personnel who work with corona patients) and are still difficult to obtain worldwide. “They are only for healthcare,” said Rutte. A non-medical mouth mask has no filter. You can recognize it as the mask that your dentist, for example, wears.

Why can’t gyms open yet?

According to Rutte, gyms are “complicated”, because they often involve small spaces and the equipment is often not cleaned properly between uses. More research is needed on the spread of the coronavirus in gyms. September 1 is mentioned as the expected date for the reopening, but it is still being examined whether it can be done earlier.

Can we go to the park or the beach again when it is soon warm?

Visits to beaches and parks are allowed unless the local safety region decides otherwise, but calls are always made to avoid crowds. The government appeals to the responsibility of people. Leave a busy place when it becomes difficult to keep 1.5 meters away and leave enough space for others by, for example, not staying on the beach all day.

Can I play football now? And why not in a club context?

The sports measures are gradually being phased out. Adults may exercise outside from May 11, but must still be 1.5 meters apart. The following also applies: no competitions, no canteens open and no shared changing rooms or showers. Contact sports may only take place again from 1 September, but only if the virus remains under control. From that date, all sports are expected to be allowed again, both indoors and outdoors.

When will the zoos reopen?

That is not known yet. The Dutch Zoo Association will discuss the next steps on Thursday. “We hope to come up with more clarity afterwards,” said a spokesman.

Can we go abroad again? And what about inbound tourism?

People are not supposed to go on holiday abroad. “Do not travel abroad,” says the national government. An exception is only made for necessary travel, which does not include holidays. Most countries have this policy. The borders of the Schengen countries and the United Kingdom will remain closed until 14 May for people who do not make a necessary trip.

Are you allowed or not allowed in the car with people from outside your family? And Mfor example, are you on holiday together in the Netherlands?

No. The rules to keep 1.5 meters between people who do not belong to one household, also apply in the car. If you are in the car with more than three people who do not belong to your household, this can even result in a fine.

The same applies to going on holiday. It is virtually impossible to keep 1.5 meters away from your travel companions 24 hours a day, both on the road and at the destination. Here too, if you are with more than three people and you cannot keep a distance of 1.5 meters, you can be fined.

How many visitors can I receive at home?

The previous advice to receive a maximum of three people at home (whereby everyone should remain 1.5 meters apart) remains. This will not be enforced, but Rutte emphasized that it can be enforced at nuisance parties. The government continues to recommend remaining cautious about social contact, using three people as a guideline.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Which can. Our editors have not yet found a clear answer to every question. We are still working on this; if we have clarity, we will update this piece. However, Rutte warned during his press conference that it is not possible to come up with a conclusive answer for every specific situation. However, we keep a close eye on developments.



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