Answering netizens’ questions, this is the result if Toyota Veloz 2022 is invited to climb to the extreme with a full load

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Video Toyota Veloz 2022, extreme climb test with full load, here are the results – Answering netizens’ questions, this is the result for Toyota Fast 2022 is invited to an extreme climb with a full load.

Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS peeled off in a series of test drives GridOto Veloz Max Experience.

In this test, we will test this latest generation Veloz to see how economical it is in fuel consumption.

Then, we will also measure how fast the acceleration of the Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS is.

Not only that, this is the most luxurious variant with the most complete features from this trio of Toyota Veloz, Toyota Avanza, and Daihatsu Xenia.

Test nanjak Toyota Veloz 2022

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Also will be tested the ability to climb with a steep angle of 17 degrees.

In addition to the steep incline, the cabin of the Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS is also filled with 7 passengers.

This is to simulate a full load when the Toyota Veloz is taken on a trip with relatives.

The total weight of the passengers in the cabin is 492 kg, aka almost half a ton.


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