Antarctica: scientists capture the chilling song of sea ice

It is a buzz, a continuous song, that the human ear does not extend, but that the American seismologists have managed to record. Scientists of the American Geophysical Union, a non-profit association, had inadvertently registered the sound of Antarctic ice pack thanks to 34 seismometers buried under the Ross barrier. They released this sound on Tuesday October 16th on YouTube.

"The" song "of the pack pack is too low to be heard by human ears, but was made audible by the geophysicist and mathematician Julien Chaput, who accelerated a recording of the vibrations of the ice pack 1200 times"explains the legend that accompanies the video of the scientific organization.

For scientists, these vibrations would be created by powerful winds that blow on the dunes that overlook the Ross barrier. A phenomenon that would make the ice vibrate.

This is what sounds like an Antarctic ice shelf

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