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Officially available since February 22nd, Anthem has encountered many problems that cause many frustrations, despite the qualities of the title and its potential.

Today he is the general manager of BioWare, Casey Hudson, who speak at launch through an article published in the studio's blog. The latter does not hide his disappointment with the chaotic first weeks of the title, but tries to put them in context:

(…) The launch was more difficult than expected. But looking back, we also knew that new great online games tended to be a problem once they arrived online. Furthermore, as far as we tested ensuring that everything was ready, we were also ready to face unexpected events. Problems can occur during launch. And we continue to strive to respond to it. (…) We also encountered a series of problems that didn't come to light until we worked on the scale of millions of players. Of course, we were very disappointed, like many of you.

However, Hudson wants to propose the many patches who have already been brought to the title, and hopes that the continuation will motivate the players to stay. Also thank all players who provide the necessary information, admitting that this is a learning phase for BioWare. Finally, Hudson sums up his speech with these words:

(…) We understand that skepticism reigns. We hear criticism and doubts. But we will continue to work every day on Anthem, a world in perpetual mutation, which continues to improve and grow, and which our team of passionate developers will long support.

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