Anthony Kiedis, of RHCP, is expelled from the NBA game



The vocalist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, was the involuntary protagonist of last Saturday's match between Los Angeles Lakers is Houston Rockets in Staples Center of the Californian city.

Known for his passion for basketball in general and for the Lakers in particular, Kiedis participated in the pavilion to watch the debut with his team of Lebron James, but he lost the documents in his place at the foot of the track and ended up being expelled.

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Kiedis got angry at the fight that the players staged in the pentagram rondo, Ingram -Enters of the Lakers- e Chris Paul, which is why he began to scold at this last Rocket player who gets up from his post.

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Being in a front row seat, Chris Paul crossed paths with the musician as he left the court after being deported. Neither brief nor lazy, Kiedis went for him clearly angry, also going to say swear words and some obscene signal to the staff of the Houston team.

The security staff at the Staples Center quickly intervened to calm the situation and accompany Kiedis away from the track.

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Your bandmate, the bassist Flea, Presence of the whole scene sitting silently undeterred.




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