Anti-black racism on the rise in the EU, a phenomenon "widespread and recurring"

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Afro-descendants living in the European Union suffer from “extended and recurrent” racism and discrimination that continues over time and in all facets of their lives, according to a report that denounces that, Far from improving, the problem has worsened in the last six years.

“Lack of progress is alarming,” says EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in second edition of report Being black from the EUpublished today, and which indicates that 45% of Africans or African descendants who reside in the European Union They suffer situations of racism and discrimination.

This data, obtained from a survey carried out last year among almost 7,000 people in thirteen countries of the European Union, shows a worsening of the feeling of discrimination regarding the 39% of Afro-descendants than in a 2016 study They reported having suffered racist behavior.

“It starts at school and continues as you move through life, looking for a job or an apartment. It accumulates over time,” Vida Beresneviciute, one of the authors of the report, explains to Efe.

Although Beresneviciute indicates that these six points, from 39 to 45%, of the prevalence of discrimination is statistically small, he insists that the important thing is that the study confirms that “Europeans are no less racist now” than in 2016.

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