Anti-Covid-19 vaccine: The 3rd dose for those over 50

The chairman of the steering committee of the national vaccination campaign, Hachemi Louzir, said that the Ministry of Health will begin, in the coming days, the administration of the third dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine for the benefit of people aged 50 and over with certain chronic diseases.

In a statement Monday to TAP, he said that people aged 50 and over registered on the Evax platform and who have received two injections will be summoned by SMS to benefit from a third booster dose of the vaccine.

According to him, the immunity acquired after receiving two doses of vaccination may decrease after five months or more in certain categories, especially the elderly or those with certain chronic diseases that cause immunodeficiency, citing in particular cancer patients and kidney failure.

He stressed that people of all ages, with certain chronic diseases that cause immunodeficiency, will be able, at a later stage, to benefit, at their request, from a third dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus.


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