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Florence, November 20, 2021 – In one black day for new infections in Tuscany, the worst since September 5th with 518 new positives, started there booking campaign (booking portal of the third dose of vaccines for the age group 40-59enni. At 8 pm last night, a total of more than 18 thousand appointments for the booster set until 19 December by people who have already completed the vaccination cycle for over six months, among these 12 thousand in the 40-59 year old age group, almost all belonging to the categories of teachers, law enforcement and lawyers who had been given priority as categories exposed in the first phase of the vaccination campaign. A boom in a few hours. A sign that there is a desire to protect themselves. Despite the big box of no vax. The fear that the fourth wave will put our country in difficulty, pushes the Tuscan governor Eugenio Giani to take on an iron line.

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“The Regions are asking the government that stricter measures be taken with respect to the presence in public places of the unvaccinated”, urges Giani. So on with the third doses. People between the ages of 40 and 59 can be vaccinated starting Monday, as long as at least six months have passed since completing the primary course. “We strongly share the government’s line in wanting to speed up the recalls, to maintain a high level of protection in people already vaccinated with a full cycle and at the same time reduce the circulation of the virus in the population. The trend of the epidemiological curve in recent days , in Italy and in the European countries close to us, requires the utmost attention and no underestimation – comments the president Eugenio Giani – Even if Tuscany it is currently the first region in Italy for vaccination coverage and the situation we live today is not comparable to that of the same period a year ago, this does not mean that we should let our guard down. On the contrary. Having hubs available immediately to allow large numbers: this is the reason why I decided to keep the Mandela forum open in Florence “.

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All healthcare companies increase the capacity of deliverable doses. In central Tuscany ASL at the moment 4,000 can be done per day in the hubs. The ASL Toscana Sud Est doubles the numbers: it will make 20 thousand doses available in the week from 22 to 28 November throughout the territory. Starting from Monday, the gradual reopening of other hubs will be defined. “Alongside the effort to complete the first vaccination cycle, expanding the offer for the third dose requires an increase in the availability of doses – he explains. Antonio D’Urso, general manager of ASL Toscana southeast – The number and location of vaccination centers, which we are identifying to cover the three provinces, will change. The new offices will be activated as soon as possible “.

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