Anti-mafia commission: three “unpresentables in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria”


They are three, all of centrodestrto, the so-called “unpresentable” in the administrative lists of next Sunday. This was announced by Nicola Morra president of the national anti-mafia commission, after the verification of the formation of the electoral lists for the Calabria and Emilia Romagna Region. One of the candidates is on the Emilia-Romagna lists. The other two in the Calabrian ones. We will know about another day.

THE names they are those of Mauro Malaguti (by Giorgia Meloni Fratelli d’Italia), one year and 4 months for 1042 euros of embezzlement; Giuseppe Raffa di Forza Italia, Berlusconi list for Santelli, indicted for corruption in the competition and under the constraint of the continuation and Domenico Tallini, of the same list, indicted for several types of corruption.

The names were given on Thursday, only three days after the vote. Tight times but dictated by procedure. The work on the lists takes place in three phases: first the electoral lists are obtained, then these are transmitted to the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor for a first check, finally the data are transmitted by the National Prosecutor. At this point, the Commission carries out research to obtain the documentation relating to all the pending charges of the candidates and to acquire the final judgments.

At Matteo Salvini’s statement, that the president will “decide the voters” Morra he objected: “I would like to remind the former Minister of the Interior that in the Constitution on which he swears, that everything is in the forms and modalities required by law”. And he recalled that “if we are servants of the state, we must respect the constitution”. Then he added: «Obviously the Constitution can be changed. In recent years many have tempted us. However, to my knowledge, the law is in force. It’s not that you can go against the law in referendum shots. If an ineligible candidate is nominated, he should lapse ».

January 23, 2020 (change January 23, 2020 | 1:46 pm)




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