Anti-mask Actor Invites You To Pray For The United States On New Years Eve •

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Despite health advice and the continued rise in coronavirus infections in the United States, The new year brought with it the insistence on the part of some to meet to celebrate, although the main absence was maskas this event is hosted by actor Kirk Cameron on the beach in Malibu, California (USA).

It was through his Instagram account that the actor, known for the television series Growing Sickness and Saving Christmas, shared a message in which Quote passages from the Bible and encourage those present to pray that 2021 will be the best year for all; However, in video lasting just over four minutes underscores that neither he nor his assistants use mask they do not keep the distance between them.

Cameron became the center of controversy during the pandemic due to his clear demonstration against the wearing of masks and his call to his followers and others for religious events where the mask is not a priority.

In fact, California State Senator Henry asked the actor to disrupt the meeting. Popewho in his post asked Cameron stay home on New Years Eve: “We are so busy fighting this growing pandemic that we cannot even regret the ones we have lost,” he said.

“Please do not force us to devote more time and security resources to an advertising campaign / press conference disguised as a vigil / protest,” Stern condemned.

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