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As the inhabitants of the New South Wales region (Australia) complete an anticovid inoculation scheme and fight against the clock to get out of restrictions, an influencer mother decided to go against it based on her convictions, but using a strategy that took her to the social court after which she has been described as a infamous post on his social networks.

Against vaccination, the woman experienced collective rejection, when comparing two events: one of past history, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives by decision of a man thirsty for power, and another that has to do with a virus that he has also done his thing since his appearance.

She knew that you can be a mother, an influencer and, at the same time, the center of attention (in a negative way), by not thinking about the consequences for the messages that are spread.


The star misused by Nazis, in the past, and 3 children exhibited in the present

Sarah Mills is a single mother from New South Wales. He has three children, and thousands of complaints to hide.

A few days ago, with a flow of 100,000 followers on social networks such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook, he decided to lash out at the mandatory vaccination in that Australian region. If the message had been a disclaimer, without graphic elements that offended history and those directly affected, it would have gone unnoticed.

However, Mills went further by photographing himself with his children whom He placed a Star of David on part of his clothing, as in hers, according to the publication of the Australian media

Everything would indicate that it is the symbol that accompanies Judaism. However, the one who used this influencer mother, means the opposite and more.

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It’s about the yellow star that the Nazis placed on the Jews to identify them and later send them to the extermination camps. They placed in the middle of it, the phrase “Jude” (Jew, in German).

Sarah thought that it was significant to use the same form to complain about the mandatory vaccination and wrote, in the symbol that she made her children carry, the word “No vax”. Hence, the commotion over his actions, which he did not think would lead to a huge rejection.


“As of today, I can no longer enter restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, concerts, museums, sporting events, swimming pools, clothing stores or anything that is considered non-essential”, was part of the message, using the wrong strategy, in addition to his three children.

According to this well-known anti-vaccination in the aforementioned Australian region, it was correct to compare the Holocaust with the way in which the government of their country forces citizens to be vaccinated, ensuring that “History was repeating itself.”

“I live in the New South Wales region, so we have lived freely for a while now, until today. Yesterday I was safe to be in public, today I am a threat “, I assure, because it was considered that way due to the fact of not having an anticovid vaccination scheme”, he exposed.

His children and the Jewish symbol desecrated by the Nazis was not the only visual resource he used to attract attention on his social networks.

In another of the images, he dressed pretending to wear part of striped pajamas, like those worn by Jewish prisoners in concentration camps, calling the moment as “Prisoner 385968 reports for duty.”

By the time Mills sensed that his strategy had taken the opposite effect, the inhabitants of that area had already expressed their discomfort with this woman, who hours before expressed her public discharges.

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“This is NOT our freedom day”, wrote. “This is the story that repeats our mistakes, and if you have wondered what you would have done in the past, take note because you are doing it now”, was part of the last thing he wrote, since he had to close his accounts on social networks before the tide of opinions and even threats against him.


The Jewish community: “outrageous and abhorrent” images

One of the representatives of the Jewish community in Australia reacted outraged to Sarah Mills’ way of expressing her disagreement with vaccination.

“For Ms. Mills to use her children and blow up the infamous yellow star that the Nazis forced Jews to use during the Holocaust to first identify them, then dehumanize them and finally murder them, simply to make a political point about mandatory vaccination is outrageous. and abhorrent “said Dr. Dvir Abramovich, president of the Anti-Defamation Commission, a leading civil rights organization.

Considering that the freedom of expression of the anti-vaccines is a right for this sector, they also have the duty not to ignore the history and even less that of a people who suffered atrocities on the orders of Adolf Hitler.

“While Sarah Mills certainly has the right to express her strong views on the actions taken by state governments in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is beyond outrageous to compare them to the monstrous laws enacted by Hitler’s Third Reich,” he asserted.

The comparison of a governmental measure, with the Holocaust, is for the Jewish community the folly in this story.

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“Nothing in Australia equals or even comes close to the unspeakable atrocities carried out on an industrial scale by Hitler,” they expressed.

Photo: El Sol / Colombia

Mills, meanwhile, with his social networks removed from cyberspace, has had time to defend himself on his website, from which he can control comments on the matter.

She considers herself an attacked woman because of her opinions. Apparently he has not understood that comparing two very different passages of history was the mistake in his strategy. In fact, he posted a “Wall of Shame” on this site, displaying those who left angry comments about his previous posts.

“I am stubborn and frank, but I firmly believe that everyone has the right to have their own opinion and we should simply support that we all make our own decisions in life”Mills wrote.

For Abramovich, the woman must offer an apology for what she did and “stop hardening the debate.”

“Such silly equations (comparisons) degrade the murder of millions of Jews and others and are historically inaccurate and extreme. Maybe if she met a Holocaust survivor, she would understand how wrong she is. “, assured this representative.

So far, messages like Mills’s have not dampened South Wales residents’ interest in completing their vaccination schedule. It is expected that by Monday, October 18, 80% of the population will be vaccinated, with a second dose, in order to lift the restrictions in that area. If not, they must wait two more weeks for such progress to occur.

It is known that at least 90% of citizens already have the first dose of the covid vaccine, despite messages from Sarah and others who refuse to be vaccinated.

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