Anticipate Cholesterol Surges during Eid al-Adha with Lime and Lime Juice

Sunday, July 10 2022 20:50 WIB

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TEMPO.CO, JakartaEid al-Adha is a moment of joy for Muslims to be able to feel the pleasure of mutton, beef, or buffalo. However, excessive consumption of these meats will of course lead to lurking diseases due to high levels of fat cholesterol height.

Therefore, you need to anticipate cholesterol spikes after Eid al-Adha by controlling yourself and consuming healthy foods or drinks.

One of them is feeling lime and limes are believed to be able to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Proven to Lower Cholesterol

Based on the research title lime-treated maize husks lower plasma LDL-cholesterol levels in normal and hypercholesterolaemia adult men from northern Mexico written by Vidal-Quintanar et al. it was found that the consumption of foods processed with lime and lime was able to reduce bad cholesterol levels by 11-15%.

In the journal, the object of research showed changes in cholesterol levels after regular consumption of limes and limes in the sixth week. This means that you need about a month and a half to see the impact of limes and limes on your health.

The decrease in cholesterol is the result of the high content of flavonoids and vitamin C in limes and limes that are processed into drinks or used together with other dishes.

How to eat limes and limes…

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