Anticipating Measles, Citeureup Health Center Intensive Child Immunization

CITEUREUP-BOGOR RADAR, The Citeureup Health Center is intensifying the immunization program and administering vitamin A to children. This is a step to prevent an increase in cases of measles infection in Citeureup District.

“We are currently continuing our efforts sweeping immunization and giving vitamin A to children, to prevent measles,” said the Head of UPT CIteureup Health Center doctor Nining Sunengsih, to Radar Bogor Thursday (26/1/2023).

According to him, preventive measures by giving vitamin A or medicines to the child are an effort to minimize the occurrence of measles virus infection. This is because measles infection can cause malnutrition and blindness in the eye.

“This step is taken so that cases of measles in children can be anticipated with integrated management, so that the spread does not spread,” he said.

Meanwhile, until January 26 2023, doctor Nining explained that hundreds of babies in Citeureup District had already been vaccinated against Measles/MR. “Until today there have been 107 babies who have been vaccinated against measles/MR,” he explained.

Regarding the measles case in January 2023, doctor Nining claims there has not been a single case finding. However, he appealed to the public if they encounter symptoms of fever and rash/red spots in children, to immediately report them and take them to the health center or the nearest health care facility.

Later, his party can take steps or efforts for early detection in handling the case. “In 2022 there was one case of measles in Citeureup. For this year, as long as January there is no, “he said. (all)

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