Anticipating the Widespread PMK, KPBS Pangalengan Admits It Needs More Help from the Government

BANDUNG – As a precautionary measure against the spread of Diseases of the Mouth and Nails (PMK) in Pangalengan, the South Bandung Livestock Cooperative (KPBS) Pangalengan, plans to provide more intensive care for all livestock, especially dairy cows.

Remember spread of PMK cattle farming has increased drastically, and has an impact on milk production.

“We will try our best to treat the sick. And now there is also a vaccine from the government, most of those who have recovered (affected by PMK) will be given the vaccine and hopefully they won’t get infected again,” said Chair of KPBS Pangalengan, West Java, Aun Gunawan when confirmed, Saturday (25/6).

Aun added, around 5,000 anti-FMD vaccines have been distributed by the government, especially West Java, to KPBS Pangalengan. “But for other assistance such as medicine or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) it has not been given, but there is a plan to give it,” he said.

So for now, he said that in carrying out treatment he still relies on help from health agency like a health center.

“Even if the seconded offices already exist, such as the PPE that was given to us from the former puskesmas yesterday, Covid was given to us,” he said.

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