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In today's episode, the classic U & D throne will be aired

After three days dedicated to the throne over, the afternoon returns Classic throne of Men and Women. In today's episode there will be great returns such as all Teresa's suitors that last week had been eliminated. After the tension of a few days ago, the Langella will be very relaxed. But there will also be another unexpected return, or that of Giulia, the suitor of Lorenzo Riccardi.

Men and Women: Giulia returns to the classic throne

The anticipations of today's episode of Men and Women reveal that Lorenzo Riccardi will take a step back towards Giulia.

The latter will be reached in the dressing room by Riccardi who will try to clarify what happened in the appointment last week. The couple has left for a walk and, at the end of the confrontation, the suitor decided to return to the classic throne.

Obviously this sensational decision will not like it Claudia, who will feel mocked. The girl will say she feels used only because the tronista wants to get to the end of the path only with two people, but to have understood that in the end he will choose Giulia.

Men and Women: Lorenzo chooses to go out with Giulia, Claudia furious

The spoilers of Men and women, also reveal that after running backstage, Claudia will be joined by Lorenzo who has reassured her about his intentions. Despite the momentary return, Giulia he will continue to be fiercely criticized by Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti.

Surprisingly, in fact, Riccardi will decide to reach Claudia backstage, trying to reassure her on the sincere interest in him while Cavaglia has once again taken a new step back.


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