Antonella Ríos: Actress and influencer sets Instagram on fire with a sexy hot photo to close the year

The actress Antonella Rios He could not close the chaotic year 2020 in any other way: he declassified on Instagram one of his sexiest photos to infarct the hearts of his more than 900 thousand followers.

At the same time, it produced a break in her tendency to share reflections on being a woman and the feminine, in addition to her classic publications promoting products; to explore his more musical side this time.

That is why together with his dream team of photography, makeup and hairdressing conceived a session that accompanied with the lyrics of the classic of Blondie, “Heart of Glass”.

Ríos appears barely dressed in lingerie and a mesh that runs over her body, as well as a beret that serves to complement her pose.

This is how Antonella Ríos said goodbye to 2020.

Then, through the stories on her profile, Antonella shared another of the captures of the session and incidentally left the link to where you can see more of this exclusive material.

It is a subscription site where, for some time, Ríos has been delivering more than one material with high production that cannot be reviewed in any of its social networks and which the public can access upon payment of a fee.

The other image Antonella Ríos shared in her Instagram story.

And for those who like to read the reflections, previously Antonella had already shared her feelings about the year that starts and the projections for 2021.

In the last days of 2020 I just want to express how strong and radical a series of things have hit entire families in terms of physical and mental health Unexpected news, painful games or situations that will definitely change our path, “he started writing last weekend.

“All this beyond the pandemic, so much so that the pandemic itself has accelerated or revealed realities that were latent in each one.”

“I just hope that the remainder of 2020 treats us a little better. That 2021 comes with more caution and mercy because it has been a lot in a short time encourage everyone”, sealed the actress.

Here you can review other images of Antonella Ríos:


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