Antonio Brown cited for driving faster than 100 mph in the morning of the Panthers game


Antonio Brown should probably slow down. (Will Newton / Getty Images)

The Pennsylvania police cited Steelers' big receiver, Antonio Brown, with a reckless driving after being observed going faster than 100 miles at Thursday morning to a suburban area north of downtown Pittsburgh.

WPXI-TV reports that Brown was headed south in his black Porsche on McKnight Road near the McCandless Crossing mall when the police watched him as he ran. Officers from the Ross Township Police Department were in the area looking for a possible suspect from a bank robbery. KDKA-TV says that the speed limit recorded on that part of McKnight Road is 45 mph.

According to Kelly Sasso of WTAE-TVThe incident occurred around 10 am on Thursday morning, hours before the Steelers match against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.

"We are aware of the situation, but we are still collecting information, we will not have any further comments at this time," the Steelers said in a statement to WPXI.

Brown owns a home in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes north of where he was stopped for speeding. McCandless Crossing is halfway between his home and Heinz Field, where the Steelers-Panthers game will take place.

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