Antonio de la Torre: "Borja Sémper congratulated me with an audio when I introduced myself for Sumar"

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Account Antonio de la Torre that he is not so much about telling movies as having them told to him. He says that he is more into reflecting (“There I have my point”) about what he has just seen in the cinema than about telling what he has seen.

He says that the first time he remembers that they told him about a movie, they didn’t really tell him about the movie itself (“Which was none other than Shark») but they told him the movie (or feat) of how the friend he was telling had managed to sneak into the cinema. “He was 13 years old and the rest of us, those of us who were listening, were barely 11.”

He says that at the age of the person who told him what he said before, when he turned 13, he also sneaked into the movies. He did it, against the advice of his father, to see The Exorcist and that, once his feat was completed, there was no way to tell anything else (or “nothing more”, as he says) because he remained who knows how many nights without sleep. «You know that thing about telling your children not to do something and, in the end, they go and do it and you get angry because you realize how absurd it is to be a parent. Well that same thing happened to me. Well, it happened to my father because of what happened to me.

Antonio de la Torre tells and doesn’t let anyone stop him: neither the questions he doesn’t hear nor the paragraphs he doesn’t respect nor the time he skips. Antonio premieres The movie teller and, by the way, he tells himself.

He says that he remembers that when he was a child, that is when you are almost everything in life, that is when you decide to be an actor forever, that is when he met his first theater teacher – Joaquín, who ended up in Malaga with a company that brought to the stage steps of Lope de Rueda with, in effect, children-…; When he was a child, he said, he went to the Astoria movie theater around three in the afternoon and if the movie was GreaseFor example, he didn’t come in until eight. “You spent the whole day waiting to enter or not enter, and while you waited we told ourselves over and over again about the movie we hadn’t seen.”

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