AnTuTu: Apple A13-soc performs slightly lower in iPhone SE than in iPhone 11 – Tablets and phones – News

The new iPhone SE has the same A13 Bionic-soc as the iPhone 11 models, but performs slightly less well in the AnTuTu benchmark. Apple may have adjusted the soc more economically, to compensate for the low battery capacity of the iPhone SE.

A developer of the AnTuTu benchmark shows the fastest score on the Weibo with the iPhone SE. The new iPhone scores 492,166 points, while the iPhone 11 comes out at 517,400 points. That is a difference of about 5 percent. The iPhone 11 Pro Max scores 537,154 points with the same soc, making it about 9 percent faster than the iPhone SE.

Presumably Apple has set the A13-soc in the new iPhone SE a bit more conservative, so that the battery lasts longer. The device has a battery capacity of 1821mAh, which is little for today’s smartphones. However, the relatively small 4.7 “screen with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels also requires less of the battery.

AnTuTu scores iPhone SE (2020)
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