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Who has not let the child squat in the surf of the sea to pee in case of an emergency during a day at the beach? Or has he himself walked further into the water for that purpose, to take a moment to relieve the bladder, both relieved and skittishly looking around. In a large number of seaside resorts in Spain it is better to do this as unnoticed as possible, because there is a ban on puddles in the sea. Maximum fine: 750 euros.

It was national news in Spain this week, and it is now spreading worldwide: a TV channel reported that in the northwestern city of Vigo, with miles of sandy beaches, urinating in the sea could be punished by the police. But it turns out that the rule has existed for several years in a large number of places on the Costas, from Valencia to Málaga, from Denia to Tenerife, from Salobreña to San Sebastián.

Moreover, each municipality uses exactly the same terms, in very dignified Spanish: ‘physiological evacuation’ on both the beach and in the sea is prohibited. By the way, that word applies equally well to defecating, not just peeing. The rule is ‘to protect the hygiene’ of the beach.

Difficult to check

The problem is that urination in the sea is rather difficult to control. In none of the places with this regulation is there as yet known a case of a sea-wetter who was caught in the act and therefore also fined.

According to the mayor of San Pedro de Pinatar, a town on the east coast that introduced the rule in 2017, the lake serves to make people aware of treating the beach and sea with respect. “And it is a minor violation, according to the law there is a maximum fine of 750 euros, but this will not be punished that heavily.”

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The municipality of Vigo says it will place temporary toilets on as many beaches as possible so that bathers can simply relieve themselves there.

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